I haven’t written a blog post for a while now and something came up that sparked an idea off and gave me a flare to write about my holiday. There’s not a lot I can do when I have to rest a fractured foot and wear a trendy boot, so therefore it was another reason to write a post since I have been told to keep my feet up for as much as possible. That’s a bit hard to do being a single mum of two. I don’t like not being able to drive, but my mum and dad have been my hero in taking the girls to and from school. I really don’t know what I would do otherwise.

I have been wanting to take Isabelle and Alina ‘Isalina’ abroad for a while now but I have been putting it off due to various circumstances. One being that I wanted my youngest Alina to be a little bit older and I thought now she’s three it’s just the right age. I have heard the earliest memories go back to about three. I wanted to create some memories with my daughters and not only is travelling abroad an adventure it’s also educational too. It’s the pre-planning for the holiday beforehand and making sure there are enough things to entertain the girls whilst on the flight that can be difficult. I have been that parent at my wits end with a crying toddler on the plane. This was a few years back when Isabelle was only two and there is nothing worse when you’ve tried every tactic going, whilst worrying about disapproving looks from other fellow passengers. Luckily, Benidorm is only two and half hours away, so you don’t feel like you have spent that much time in the air before you’re descending again.

I have visited Benidorm for a night whilst on holiday with a friend ten years ago and there was a lot to do back then. However, this was before I had children so it’s the nightlife I experienced mainly. This time round it was my two girls and my mum and dad who I went to Benidorm with. We stayed at the Gran Hotel Bali, which is the tallest hotel in Europe. There are 52 floors in total and a glass lift takes you right to the top. We went to the top on our very last day, but it’s something that must be done whilst you’re staying there. I couldn’t fault the hotel at all and we even got the red carpet treatment upon entering the building. From our balcony, we had a sea view and opposite was a colour changing hotel at night. The swimming pools were really nice and now Isabelle is seven she was swimming most of the time and is able to go in by herself. I have noticed Isabelle’s confidence has grown. She was not afraid of asking Spanish people who worked at the hotel for what she wanted beginning with “hola” and finishing with “gracias.” Alina was still saying “hola” to English people on the flight home.

Alina didn’t go in the swimming pool as much, because she got a bit fed up and enjoyed going down the slides that was located on the hotel grounds. I think the heat did get to her at times, but she was quite happy wearing the pink sparkly flamingo cap and the cute flowered straw hat that I got from Primark, just because they were cute and girly. It’s hard to sometimes get the right balance because they are both at different stages with a four year age gap and although they’re close in their ‘sister bond’ they’re not when it comes to certain situations, for instance Isabelle was quite happy in the pool for most of the time and Alina wanted to go down the slides. However, both girls enjoyed the slides together at night time. I suppose it doesn’t always have to fall on age gaps, because siblings can have different interests to one another as well.

I have noticed Isabelle’s confidence has grown. She was not afraid of asking Spanish people at the hotel for what she wanted beginning with “hola” and finishing with “gracias.” Alina was still saying “hola” to English people on the flight home.

Whilst in Benidorm we travelled on the bus to what is called Old Town Benidorm quite a bit, which was before I fractured my foot that did actually happen on holiday and no it wasn’t because I had too many Sex On The Beach (drinks) but more like a freak accident at a wildlife park. I just simply cobbled over on a slope. Anyway, I preferred the quaintness of The Old Town Benidorm parts compared to the tourist areas as that is where you find most of the shops too and sometimes it’s nice just to get out there and explore. I still had four days left to spare on holiday when I fractured my foot and therefore didn’t go back to Old Town Benidorm after then, but although it was an inconvenience, at least it didn’t happen at the beginning of my holiday. I have never fractured anything in my life either!

All in all, it was a lovely family holiday (apart from the fractured foot) but it is one we’ll all remember and treasure for various reasons. I have attached some pictures of our little adventure and intend on going on more adventures in the future to make more wonderful memories.

I have attached a PDF word search that has been provided by to keep your little ones entertained on their travels.

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  1. It’s really great that the girls were keen to start using a little bit of Spanish. It’s so great to encourage them whilst they are young. Looks like you had a fabulous time. I hope your fractured foot healed quickly

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    1. I think it’s educational for children and it’s nice to experience a different culture too.

      I’ve still got the boot on for another week or so but I’m sure after then it’ll be okay. Thank you for asking 😊 xx

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  2. I think it is so important for children to experience all the things the world has to offer.

    I’m not too keen on taking children out of school for it (i work in a school!) but I see how important it is to make these memories and it teaches them so much.

    Glad you had a great time x


    1. Part of the girls holiday was in May half term but they did miss out on week of school. Isabelle has very good attendance and not something we’d do regularly. Alina is still at pre-school, so it’s alright for her. It’s also something both girls will remember… hopefully. 😊 xx

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  3. Absolutely a wonderful post! Sounds like it is a vacation that the whole family will remember fondly!!


  4. We haven’t taken our boys (4 and 2) abroad yet, but hopefully will soon as it’s so important for them to experience other cultures. It’s so sweet your girls enjoyed getting to grips with the language, too! Sounds like a lovely holiday

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