Back to Nature Beauty

Ever felt at one with nature and how the simple things in life come with just admiring beautiful flowers and watching the rolling waves come crashing in at the coast. Walking amongst the wildlife and looking out to sea can make one feel grounded, inspired or both. Imagine if the smell of that beautiful rose can just be placed on your skin in the form of a cleanser or moisturiser and nothing else was added in. This is when it all comes back to nature with some very special and exciting beauty products and treatments, I would love to share that are offered at Cuckoo’s Beauty in Cleethorpes.

All White Witch products are made using wild flowers, plants, oats and seaweed from the unspoiled coast and meadows, in front of the Atlantic Ocean. White Witch is a product consisting of all-natural vegan materials. Other products that are offered are Madam Glam and Jax Wax.  Cuckoo’s Beauty was the first salon in the U.K to offer treatments using White Witch skincare and I am sure other salons will soon follow.

I have sensitive skin (which I have previously stated on another post) and can sometimes get allergic reactions to different brands. Since using natural products when I worked in a beauty salon myself, I realised how beneficial they really are. It only seems like common sense to use raw materials on your skin and I think the nation has slowly become accustomed to this. You don’t have to be vegan to visit, but some have travelled far and wide to the enchanted little hideaway, filled with flowers and candles for a warm, cosy welcome.

I was given some beauty testers to try before my facial. The wild flowers cleanser left my skin feeling amazingly smooth with the little granules that carefully exfoliate the skin. The Burbury Fig moisturiser starts off with little granules, that slowly dissolve leaving a radiating glow. My skin had an even tone, like I was wearing foundation.

On arrival for my facial yesterday morning… the room was lit by candlelight and was so warm and welcoming. The earthy feel to the place with raw wood shelves, flowers and particularly the twinkling heart made from twigs added to the ambience of the place. This gave just the right touch, especially with all beauty products made from raw, earthy materials. The facial was so nice and relaxing. The products smelt amazing and I could have laid there being pampered all day. It literally feels like a nice hidden gem to escape to.

The facial was so nice and relaxing. The products smelt amazing and I could have laid there being pampered all day.

I can’t highly recommend Claire the Beauty Therapist enough. Not only is she very experienced and professional, who has given me many treatments before, but she is lovely person and kindness goes a long way.

Keep posted for new product and treatment reviews at Cuckoo’s Beauty.

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