The end of an era…


The summer holidays have come to an end already! It doesn’t seem two minutes ago when I was planning all the things I can do with Isabelle and Alina. We have done a lot and when I say a lot, we have made the most out of this gorgeous weather. You really don’t have to always spend a lot to just appreciate days out at the beach, the woods and the local park. Having said that, since today is literally the last day, I have come to the point where I have ran out of ideas and looking forward to getting back into a routine again.

I love the black and white picture above of me and my two girls walking down a steep hill towards the woods. For me it symbolises where I am in life, the beginning of a path, heading for the unknown. It’s not quite unknown now, as I am certain I am on the path heading in the right direction, although for a year it really has been an uncertainty in what direction to take for the best. Now it’s a relief as I go on to start a new chapter in my life. This past year, I have had time to reflect on things and it’s not been easy. Now, I am moving forward onto pastures new and have a mixture of apprehension and excitement, but I am doing it for the two little people in my life. Everything I have and continually do in my life is for them. All I’ll say is that it’s going to be challenging, but I’ve got this. If certain events hadn’t have happened in my life, it wouldn’t have lead me to this path that I am on today. I am glad it has worked out this way in the end.

Talking of which, my daughters have grown even closer during the summer. It’s so nice they have each other to lean on. Yes, they do have their bickering moments, what sibling doesn’t? I just love how they look out for each other. There is four years between them but now Alina is approaching three, she’s stringing her sentences along brilliantly and they play together so nicely. I love how Isabelle tries to reason with Alina and how Alina will look up to Isabelle as well as looking after her too. She’s always giving her a hug and it’s just the little things that make you go all warm and fuzzy inside. They definitely have a strong bond… a bond that is getting ever more stronger, and I hope it stays.

I have made a collage of pictures below of the things we got up to over the summer. The six weeks that contains a lot of birthdays too. There are four generations of Leos on my side of the family, all in August and all of us are lady lionesses. That’s my nana, her daughter (my mum), me and my daughter. I wouldn’t know the odds on that one!