Hit The Road


I laugh when I look at the picture above, because there are many days where I would love a scenario like this to happen. Maybe a bit far fetched with a unicorn, but then life is full of surprises! I wouldn’t hesitate to hop in all the same. My girls would love it.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. We all have days were we just want to disappear and go on an adventure. I’d go as far as turning off my phone and going ghost for weeks, months or years in fact! Okay, that would be too extreme and I would need my phone to take a lot of photos. I am picture fanatic! The days I often feel like this, is when I want to escape from reality. Not necessarily running away from problems, but more of forgetting the things that drag you down. I would love the opportunity to just get in a van, hit the open road, see where it takes me and end up in different locations. The film Mamma Mia springs to mind as I am writing this. I think in general most people like to escape. However, up until now, I have not been one for camping. I have never been in fact. Then, an opportunity came for me to go away with my friend in her motorhome. Not exactly camping, but in campervan style. In fact, I shared the same picture above on Facebook quoting ‘I need this!’ For a friend to comment about going away in her motorhome sometime. That is exactly what we did with our children. It was an all girls trip. Six of us hit the road and headed to Wales. I have never been before and although we only went for a couple of days it was just nice to get away. The weather was a bit of a let down. We arrived when it was all stuffy and sweaty. You can see by my hair in the picture below, how humid it was. We’ve had 9 weeks of glorious, hot sunshine, then we hit the weekend that was forecast thunderstorms. That is good old British weather for you! Luckily, the rain wasn’t as bad. We only got a shower on one morning and not all day like in some places. I loved hearing the sound of heavy rain fall onto the camper van. It makes you feel all cosy and warm. The temperature had dropped a lot considering the day before was the hottest day of the year, reaching temperatures of 30 degrees. I’ve never felt it that hot in Britain in all my life. 20 degrees is cool for me now! I’ve read that we haven’t had a summer like this since 1976! We didn’t let the weather dampen our spirits… both sets of daughters got on so well. Isabelle, and my friend’s two daughters made friends with other campers and it felt such a nice and relaxed way of life. To see my girls smiling away for the whole duration of the trip, just made me want to bottle it up and cherish it forever.

To see my girls smiling away for the whole duration of the trip, just made me want to bottle it up and cherish it forever.

I see a lot of hashtags #makingmemories and it is true! You can’t put a price on the feeling you get watching how happy your children are. Times like these, make you want to embrace every second. We noticed when travelling down in the camper van, that other people in their vans wave at you. We thought it was bit funny but now we get it. I was trying to think of the word that is used to describe it and it hit me a day later, after a few pink gins and lemonade (that is my new drink) that how nice the other fellow campers are. I said it’s a cult and we both agreed why people in other camper vans are so friendly and wave at you. It’s like one big camper van family. I’d definitely go away in a camper van again. We went to a Haven campsite resort. It’s brilliant for children, since there is lots to do, even on rainy days. I could only do a few days though. Anymore would be too much, especially with it being so busy now it’s the six weeks holidays.