Mama Llama and Drama Llamas


Mama Llama and Drama Llamas

I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s manic hours are between 16:00 and 19:00. It’s all systems go from school pick up until bed time. Once the girls are home, they are like two vultures opening all the kitchen cupboards and drawers. My mind says healthy snacks and they want crisps and chocolate but I opt for a good balance. I’m lucky they love berries and Alina loves cucumber. Lately, I’ve had a tendency to snack on cucumber myself. It tastes so much better with a sprinkle of salt on.

Tea time can also be a tricky one with all three of us wanting different things. I’ve got back into searching for new recipes. Tasty on Facebook is a good one to follow and I’ve downloaded the app too. My youngest Alina has got into a sudden habit of having a tantrum just as we sit down to eat. I’m hoping she’ll just grow out of it soon. It’s obviously not what she wants but at the same time they need a variety. I find if I ignore her crying, she gives up and usually eats her tea anyway.

It may be hard sometimes, but I don’t know what I would do without the chaotic dramas.

I don’t know what it is, but my two girls seem to have a sudden surge of energy right before bath and bed time. It’s like I’ve got two monkeys jumping around on my bed. Finally, once in the bath I’m thinking not long now, not long until I’ve tucked them both up and can read a bed time story which I find is the best part. I do love reading to them. Then, the cries start when I wash their hair. God knows what the neighbours think! Now it’s summer, the windows are open too. It’s like that embarrassing moment when you’re in a rush in the morning and there’s all sorts of mayhem going on. Usually, Alina starts to cry because she realises she’s going to pre-school but she loves it really! Then, you open the door, only to see your neighbour outside saying ‘morning, are you alright?’ I think I’m sure you’re being sarcastic as I begin to answer ‘yes, couldn’t be better… thank you!’ I say through gritted teeth, whilst I’m thinking you’ve heard everything that has gone on through the walls as I go to put my girls in the car. That feels like my kid free moment, when they’re both belted up and I make my way to the drivers side to hop in and it’s like ahaha breathe, relax and go…

At the moment we are on book 4 of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Isabelle has had trouble getting into this book but now we are at the part where the clang are back at Hogwarts, so I’m hoping she’ll start to enjoy it again because she loves that school and wishes she could attend. I do too. Too bad we are muggles ;). By the time I’ve read a few pages Alina has fallen asleep. Then I leave the bedroom and it’s mummy’s time. Sometimes, Isabelle will come down and say she wants me to tuck her back up etc but usually it’s not long before she settles. I think once you’re in a routine, it doesn’t usually change. You learn and adapt along the way. These Mama Llama and Drama Llama pjs just sums the bed time routine up perfectly. It may be hard sometimes, but I don’t know what I would do without the chaotic dramas. It’s part and parcel of life as we know it, and I wouldn’t swap it for the world. It’d be very dull indeed.


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